Travis Pastrana’s Double Backflip: X Games 20 Years, 20 Firsts

The fabric of the universe wrinkled ever so slightly on Travis Pastrana’s behalf at X Games in 2006. That’s the only way he can explain it.

“I remember absolutely everything from that week,” he says. “You know how people say they have near-death experiences, where time slows down all around them, they’re seeing themselves from outside of their own body, and everything happens in slow motion? Well, I believe them. That’s how I remember experiencing my entire week at X Games in 2006.”

It was the year he won gold in the X Games debut of rally car racing, beating out his rally role model after Colin McRae rolled his car spectacularly on the final turn of the head-to-head final, Pastrana emerging triumphantly and in disbelief from the storm of dirt in the air behind him. It was the year he claimed his sixth gold medal in Moto X Freestyle, trouncing his closest competitor by an astonishing three points. And it was the year that the world came to a screeching halt all around him, like bullet time in an artsy action movie, to allow him to land the first double backflip ever seen in motocross competition. >> Full story via

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