A Snowmobile Rider From… Texas?

“I may never be as tough — or as cool — as my brother,” writes Colten Moore of his late brother, Caleb, in Catching the Sky, a memoir to be released this month. “I acknowledge that. I’ll never have his cowboy’s swagger or that smile that the girls, and the cameras, always loved. I still don’t trust myself to drive the cars that he treasured; his beloved Mustang and Ford Lightning just sit in my garage in Texas most of the time, gathering dust like old trophies. And I know, to some people, I’ll always be the little brother, the kid they called Little Amigo, or Little Bud, or Shorty, the one who hardly merited a single mention in the yearbook back in Krum, short and thin, swimming inside my black tuxedo.”

Reflecting on his Snowmobile Freestyle gold medal run at X Games Aspen 2014, one year after Caleb died of injuries sustained in a Freestyle crash, Colten continues, “But I also know this: That night in Aspen I started rewriting the script for my own life. As I made the approach for the first ramp, my long hair flying in the wind from beneath my helmet, I was committed — fully committed — to whatever was about to happen. I was alone — and at peace with that idea — with seventy-five seconds to prove myself. Not just to the world, but to me.”

>> Full story at ESPN.com

(Photo: Joshua Duplechian/ESPN)

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