Can Vince Byron best Jamie Bestwick again? X Games Austin BMX Vert Preview

Australian Vert and Big Air rider Vince Byron has been billed as “Next in Line” by his peers and fans since earning his first X Games medal in 2011. The line was short, but the wait was long. That’s what happens when you’re behind Jamie Bestwick, the most successful vert rider in history.

Byron had competed in Bestwick’s big shadow since his X Games debut in 2010. That all changed at Austin 2015. Bestwick entered the comp heavily favored to claim his tenth consecutive BMX Vert gold and extend his record-setting X Games streak. Byron had other ideas. “Everyone in BMX likes to say it’s not about competition, but the fact is I always come in looking to do my best, and I have to believe that my best will be enough to win,” Byron says. “Run 1 at X Games last year was when it finally all came together.”

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Photo: Trevor Brown, Jr./ESPN

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