Experience: A Cam FitzPatrick interview

In some ways, Cam FitzPatrick’s life in snowboarding has been inspired by and intertwined with Travis Rice’s, (10 years his senior,) since before Cam was born. Their dads worked together on the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ski patrol for decades, and Cam got his first pair of skis as hand-me-downs from Travis when he was just two years old. Seeing a teenage Travis rip the mountain on a snowboard convinced Cam to make the switch at age six, not long before Travis was off claiming his first X Games gold medals and becoming the hometown hero of every young shredder in Jackson. Cam then grew up obsessing over Travis’ films, “That’s It, That’s All” and “The Art of Flight.” Needless to say, getting the invitation from Travis four years ago to join the crew of A-list riders filming “The Fourth Phase” was a dream come true. Snowboard Magazine caught up with Cam at the film’s Denver premiere party, and learned it was a heavier trip than he’s been letting on: filming for “The Fourth Phase” nearly killed him, twice.
Photo: Tim Zimmerman / Red Bull Media House

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